Deep Learning is taking the world by storm, but too complex to run on embedded devices.

    • Low Latency
      JumpML Value Proposition
    • Bring magical AI/ML experiences to embedded devices

    • Why bother with AI/ML on Embedded Devices?
      Low-latencyLow Latency
      No Cloud FeeCash
  • Embedded devices are severely constrained in compute capability, size of memory and a complicated path to model deployment.
    • Challenges on Constrained Embedded Devices
      Model DeploymentMemory
  • At JumpML, we combine the simplicity and efficiency of classical digital signal processing (DSP) and the best ML methods to develop high-performance solutions, that are lightweight and energy-efficient.

    Our internal development process involves training models in PyTorch, followed by conversion of the models to C code, that can run efficiently on any embedded system.

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