JumpML Noise Reduction

Problem and motivation

    • Noisy WorldLeafBlower
      My LifeVideoChat
      Going on muteHeadache
  • The only constant in life is change... and background noise.

  • Our Solution

    • JumpML Noise Reduction powered by SignalSifterJumpML_NR
    • Cut the background noise and preserve the speech, so you are heard clearly

  • Product benefits

    • Strong PerformancePerformance
    • Cuts diverse noises
    • Improve intelligibility
    • Improve MOS/WER
    • SignalSifter optimized for audio
    • Made for embedded
    • Operates at 16kHz
    • Uses efficient RNN
      Low latencyLowLatency
    • 10 ms or less
    • Useful for hearing aids
    • Smart transparency
  • Forget about the noise and speak with ease, anywhere and anytime.

  • Comparison Table

    FeaturesJumpML NRRNNoiseOther offerings
    Good noise reduction YesDependsYes
    Model/Memory < 0.4 MB YesYesNo
    Low-latency <= 10 ms YesYesNo
    Real-time on tiny embedded YesYesNo
    Privacy (no internet needed) YesYesNo
    Portable/inspectable C codeYesYesNo
    Adjustable Noise ReductionYesEasyNo

    More Info

    For JumpML Noise Reduction audio demos and specific use cases, please checkout our Use Cases page.

    For questions about how it can fit into your product, or about what customizations are available for your use case, or if you just want more details about the implementation, or just to say hello, please contact us at JumpML email.

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